The first thing I submitted for publication was an article on creative teaching for IB World magazine. I saw their call for responses, I emailed the editor with questions about word limit, and then I wrote and sent in a 600+ word article. And the editor responded fairly quickly! And they’re going to publish my work! […]

Other than reading Bird by Bird and Several Short Sentences, I have spent the majority of my Personal Project reading, typing, and taking notes on my Nana and Papa’s letters from their years as missionaries in Peru. They received the call to Peru in 1956, arrived in 1957, and stayed until 1970. During that time they wrote […]

In the last few weeks, I have finished Volume I of my grandparents’ letters, and I’m about 1/4 of the way through with Volume II. This has been my main preoccupation, and I will write more about it next week. I also updated my vocabulary list and wrote bullet points for more travel reviews. But I have not […]

Since my last post ten days ago, I have reviewed a few more places on Trip Advisor, I’ve read about eighty pages of this book (quite possibly a new favorite), I’ve updated my vocabulary list, and I stumbled upon writing gold in the form of four large, white, 3-ring binders. Last post I mentioned that […]

When I was in fifth grade, my mother went back to school to get her nursing degree. She had to write a major paper or two at some point, so she borrowed a friend’s word processor. It was basically a typewriter with a little screen that would allow you to write and edit one whole […]

  Inspired by Kevin Brookhouser and others who have gone before us, our 10th grade English team will be introducing personal projects in our classes next semester. In preparation, the team agreed that we would each work on our own project over the summer. Since students will be drafting proposals, conferencing with their peers, blogging their progress, […]

My husband (a Physics teacher) and I recently returned from an international job fair. We were fortunate to come out of the experience with new jobs and many positive experiences, but the process is so intense that I’d be happy not to go through it again anytime soon. The IB curriculum we teach encourages students to be […]